Dear Colleague,

Welcome to Expo "Rehabilitation & Nutrition"

Our target is:

  • to demonstrate the state of the art arsenal of modern medical (and social) rehabilitation accounting for a great progress in patients’ recovery and enhancing the quality of life;
  • to present new medical products and services;
  • to present new technologies and products for medical nutrition and healthy diet, new diets for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation; 
  • to strengthen contacts between manufacturers, dealers and customers;
  • to present  to the visitors German and European resorts and sanatoriums and their therapy specialties;
  • to promote international contacts between manufacturers and dealers of medical products and services;

The purpose of the Expo Euromedica-Hannover “Rehabilitation & Nutrition” is to display new products and solutions in medical, social and sports rehabilitation. A large part of the exhibition highlights the theme of medical nutrition and healthy foods, application of diets for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Manufacturers of medical foods (gluten- and dairy free products), dietary supplements, homeopathic and herbal products, functional foods and beverages organic foods and products for vegans and vegetarians are invited to take part at the exhibition.

The exhibition will host both B2B and B2C visitors: practicing doctors as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, holistic health practitioners, retailers of functional foods, representatives of societies for healthy way of life (Anthroposophical medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Tai Chi, TCM etc.) as well as societies of vegetarians and vegans, self-help patients groups and private visitors.

Exhibitor benefits:

  • A turnkey stand after easy registration
  • Free entrance for your clients
  • Two exhibition badges for one stand
  • Logo and short info at the exhibition catalogue
  • Promotion through the conference website
  • Promotional video on company products at the lecture theatre at the foyer
  • An opportunity to sponsor a lecture or a workshop
  • An opportunity to sponsor a lunch for your target group specialists